15 spiciest dishes that you must try !

Do you like spicy food? Do you enjoy living on the wild-side of culinary experimentation? Then you will love these 25 world’s spiciest foods.Do you consider yourself a spice junkie? Keep lots of water and sweets handy as we are going to give you a list of 5 insanely hot spiciest Indian dishes that could possibly sear off a quarter of your taste buds.The spiciest dish in a cuisine known for its spiciness, India’s Vindaloo ranges from scorching hot to surface-of-the-sun hot, depending upon how much hot chili (Kashmiri chili in authentic versions) is used. Extreme cases of Vindaloo will add Bhut jolokia, a.k.a. ghost chilis, the hottest chili in the world.Here is 15 spiciest dishes that you must try !

1.Vindaloo Pork

Vindaloo pork is a spicy Indian food that involves many spices and strong flavors. Considered as one of the hottest dishes in the world, Vindaloo Pork was first brought to Goa by the Portuguese as a pork preserved in red wine, peppers and garlic, but Indians eventually adopted it and enriched it with curry. What makes it such a spicy meal is it’s ridiculous amount of Bhut Jolokia, the hottest chili pepper in the world.

2. Phaal Curry

Eating something as spicy as Phaal Curry is quite a challenge. Known as the hottest curry in the world, this dish is so spicy that restaurants serving it provide customers who finish a whole bowl of it a certificate of recognition. It contains about 10 different types of peppers, including Bhut Jolokia, the world’s hottest.

3. Tom Yum

A sour and spicy soup from Thailand, Tom Yum is gaining popularity today as one of the spiciest dishes in the world. Anyone who tastes it will certainly be turned on to its brilliant aromatic taste as well as its raw heat. It features spicy chicken and seafood, compliments of the Thai Bird’s Eye Chili.Tom yum or tom yam is a type of hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp. Tom yum is widely served in neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Laos and has been popularised around the world.

4.Neua Pad Prik

Nua pad prik, or chile beef, is a delightfully easy Thai beef dish with a bracing yet refreshing heat from the fresh chiles. Thai Pepper Beef Variations. Gai Pad Prik: Substitute chicken for the beef.This spicy dish is a lot simpler than most of its kind. In cooking Neue Pad Prik, the cook just throws some slices of beef into a pan and seasons them with herbs and shallots, basil and garlic before adding birds-eye chili peppers which serve as its main ingredient. This dish is most famous in Asia, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia.

5. Bhut Jolokia Curries 

Before you dig into this mouth-numbing spicy treat, let us warn you that you might end up spending several hours in the washroom regretting your decision. Bhut Jolokia commonly known as Ghost pepper is enough to set fire to the food on the platter.

6. Dalle Pickle

Dalle pickle is a very hot and spicy pickle made of dalle chillies in oil and spices. Its piquant aroma and just a pinch of it can make your meal insanely spicy. One of the best combinations of sting and flavor, once you taste the Dalle chillies it is sure to carve a hard core fan in you. Its flavor and the aroma make a permanent memory on the taste buds and the craving just keeps coming back.

7. Kolhapuri Chicken

Kolhapuri Chicken is one such tickles the tastebuds of people who love spicy food. This chicken recipe includes lots of spices and is known for its fiery taste.”Tikhi mirchi layi hoon, main Kolhapur se aayi hoon” Sounds familiar? Kolhapur and spices are synonymous with each other. This fiery piece of chicken is a Kolhapur specialty and is made from Kolhapuri mirchi.

8. Laal Maans

The name says it all! This deep red hot preparation is a thick/semi gravy mutton curry prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chillies.Laal maans is a meat curry from Rajasthan, India. It is a mutton curry prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chillies.Laal maas is a fiery Rajasthani meat curry. Lamb cooked in a variety of masalas with a burst of red chillies.

9. Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad or Chettinad Chicken is a classic Indian recipe, from the region of Chettinad. One of the most spiciest and aromatic dishes from Tamil Nadu, Chicken Chettinad won’t take long to jolt you out of your comfort zone. Brace yourselves for the impact because it might leave you with a scorched tongue.

10. Sichuan Hot-Pot

Sichuan Hot-Pot is a popular dish in Mongolian and Chinese countries, but hot-pot dishes in these countries do not even come close to Sichuan. This dish includes a scorching hot broth that is full of garlic, onion and Sichuan peppers mixed with raw pieces of meat and vegetables.

11. Bibimbap with Kimchi

A spicy dish from South Korea, Bibimbap with kimchi is a dish that includes pickled cabbage and is loaded with garlic, chilies, onion and ginger. In the country, kimchi is normally prepared in heavy clay pots and are buried in the earth to ferment for about a month.

12. Jerk Chicken-Caribbean

Jerk Chicken from the Caribbean is not only mouth watering but also fiery. This dish is built around almost all the best Caribbean ingredients and spices, including cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme and garlic.

13. Pearl’s Fried Rice

Pearl’s fried rice is served at Pearl Café in Florissant and is considered as one of the spiciest dishes in the world today. This rice includes kachai peppercorn and lots of spices. Of the 400 people who have embarked on the challenge of trying this rice, only 21 have succeeded.

14. Kimchi Jjigae

A type of kimchi served in Korea, Kimchi Jjigae contains green onions, garlics, tofu, mushrooms, and lots of red chili peppers. The spiciness of this dish ranges from tolerable to tongue-scorching, and it is served at just below boiling temperatures to give it an all-around sweat-inducing experience.

15. Sambal Oelek

Most popular in Indonesia, Sambal Oelek is one of the favorite dishes for tourists visiting the country. It is made from various peppers and is used as a rub. However, it can also be eaten and because of its habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, bird’s eye chilies and Spanish peppers, the dish is extremely spicy.

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