Benefits For MenuAdda Users

MenuAdda is a web-based application. MenuAdda supports all restaurant formats including Fine Dine, QSR, Lounge bars, Chains. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Table turn over. Use MenuAdda system to create the digital menu, which guests access directly on their smartphones or tablets, without installation on their devices just by scanning a QR code.  In this blog, I am going to tell you the benefits for MenuAdda users.

  •  MenuAdda is a one-stop solution for every restaurant all information in one place. Increase your restaurant profitability through accurate cost analysis and menu pricing.
  •  Be informed of the move through automated SMS & email alerts and Reports on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.
  • Order taking is made easy and orders can be sent to the Kitchen and Bar in an instant.
  •  Allows sending of daily email digests on key performance indicators to help owners and managers track staff performance and kitchen efficiency.
  • MenuAdda allows your staff to manage orders, accept payments and split bills at tableside, greatly increasing service efficiency.
  •  Real-time inventory alerts you of impending low stocks.
  • Flexible menu display: hide items or categories; add/edit items with full descriptions; remove out-of-stock items and different menu views. End-to-end restaurant management systems.
  • The dashboard gives owners and managers quick lookups for key performance indicators.
  •  Real-time inventory alerts you of impending low stocks.
  •  Social media integration and marketing tools provide upselling and promotion.
  • MenuAdda is a Mobile POS application that works on Android, Windows mobile, and IOS devices/Tablets.
  •  Measuring your overall F & B Costs on a daily basis ensures that you stay in control of your Restaurant Business.
  • Handle Order taking system. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Table turn over.

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