Benefits For MenuAdda Users?

We know that you are a bit curious about what are the benefits for MenuAdda users and how it brings easy to dine out for its customer. Customers are now looking for ease in getting services and improvising their lifestyle. MenuAdda, the main purpose is to let a customer enjoy the dining process without waiting for the waiter or the manager to place his order. Let us learn what are the benefits for MenuAdda users.

Benefits For MenuAdda Users:

  1. Digital Menu
  2. Customization Of Food
  3. Order Individually
  4. See Video Menu
  5. No Installation Required

1. Digital Menu:

MenuAdda replaces the paper menu and provides you a digital menu. Use the advantages provided by MenuAdda digital menu in order to show the entire offer to the guest. With MenuAdda restaurant can bring their users closer to with the help of photos, video material and detailed descriptions in whatever language(English, French, Vietnamese) customer choose.

2. Customization Of Food: 

customers can be fully aware of what they are eating, which can be beneficial when considering health issues. The customer can customize their food according to their taste like less salt, less sugar, spicier.The restaurant can improve their communication with guests, make their choices easier and give them an unforgettable ordering experience.

3. Order Individually:

With MenuAdda customer can order individually what they want to eat and can pay individually. No issues of sharing food, paying for what you have not eaten.The customer can customize their order by ordering individually.

4. See Video Menu:

A menu can include sound and motion.Video menu tool is the ultimate solution to increase your profit. With MenuAdda restaurant can display their menu in a way that is both eye-catching and easy to understand. In video, customer can see the

5. No Installation Required:

No Installation required to access MenuAdda. Restaurant people will provide the QR code. By scanning QR code customer can see the menu available in that restaurant.


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