Digital Menu An Opportunity To Differentiate.

The restaurant business is a highly competitive business which requires faster and accurate decision to remain ahead of competitions. Close to 60% of the restaurants fail within the first 3 years of inception. The key challenge is differentiating the experience for the customers. Numerous studies have shown restaurants can significantly be differentiated through the menu, customer service, adopting trends and accessibility. While there are many factors impacting the business this piece details the MENU for discussion.

We highlight few challenges and opportunities based on our discussion with restaurateurs on their current PAPER MENU.


Menu which is interesting both visually and with ingredients

A lot of customers use their past experience to order at a restaurant and are many times hesitant to experience new or different items. This is driven by the fact that in the past we rarely had a mechanism to see the display without actually ordering it. The customers are left to their visual imagination which becomes a deterrent in adopting new cuisines.

MenuAdda MenuAdda provides a visual menu, the customer can customize their food according to their taste as well as can see the description and ingredients used in their food menu. The concept is See Before You Eat.


Flexible Menu for customers

Most of the restaurateurs are stuck with the same set of Menu even after many years. This lead to stagnation in sales. This is because of the inability of the owners to change the paper menu frequently and rapidly. The other big challenge is the adoption of the new menu as there is no visual communication with the customer. Today’s millennials are eager to experiment and adapt but should be provided with the right platform to do so.

MenuAdda– A complete Restaurant POS and a Tool to convert your restaurant paper menu into a Digital and editable Menu. You can showcase a New Menu every single day.No menu maintenance. No reprinting. Save money!!  Menuadda provides restaurant operator for incorporating the full motion image of the menu display instantly. The vendor can update prices for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world.


Lack of ingredient information

The lack of transparency with the ingredients is often a pull back for a lot of customers to try new items. As people have like and dislike for certain ingredients.  For a restaurateur, it’s difficult to provide that information in an effective manner without diluting the secrecy of his dishes. This is not only a costly affair to update the paper menu with all the details but also time-consuming without an effective mechanism.

MenuAdda–  No Paper work, No lack of ingredients, Full information of the individual item, User-friendly, Reliable, Cloud based, Simple, Fast, Scalable.


Lack of Insights on the Trend

Our survey with restaurateurs reveals a lack of credible insight from the Menu display. The restaurateurs mostly depend on their instinct or feedback from the customers directly. This is often not possible or too generic to derive any patterns. This handicaps a restaurateur to take the swift decision on the change, innovation and new menu launch.

MenuAdda is striving to help restaurateurs to adopt technology to solve some of these complex requirements for Restaurants and help them take faster, quicker and reliable decisions to differentiate themselves from there. We are trying to empower them digitally through our products.


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