Features Of MenuAdda Users

POS system technology offers some incredibly useful features for all types of restaurants, from loyalty card programs and age verification to wireless connectivity and iPad compatibility. Point of Success Special Edition restaurant and bar POS software includes everything you need to enter orders, serve your guests and track financial information. Additional features are available to help you run your restaurant or bar more efficiently, handle employee and improve your financial performance and reporting.  From table service to quick service, fine dining to casual dining, pizza delivery to coffee shops, cafes and more, Point of Success delivers! Check out some of the other features that are available on MenuAdda POS systems to see how much a POS system can do for you.

Digital Menu:

MenuAdda replaces the paper menu with the digital menu of your restaurant with all the ingredients and description of a particular dish.

Kitchen Management:

Restaurant chef can see the number of dishes he needs to prepare which is coming from different tables at once. He can prepare them at once to save Time and Energy in the kitchen.

Order Management:

MenuAdda manages your orders and gives you all the reports with details. The restaurant owner has all the rights to confirm and cancel the order that will be directly notified to the user.

Customer Management:

MenuAdda gives an option to manage your customers from your place you can know what your customers have ordered and collect payment details and also collect feedback given by the customer from anywhere.

Feedback Management:

MenuAdda helps you to capture the customer feedback. Engages customers with compelling digital experiences and keep peace with Customers.

Offer Management:

MenuAdda gives an option to the Restaurant owner in giving out an offer for a particular dish with flat and percentage wise.

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