Grow Your Restaurant With MenuAdda

Turntables faster with the MenuAdda. Access a full suite of features made to grow your restaurant quicker.MenuAdda gives you Cloud-Based POS and tools to run your business more efficiently than ever. The bestselling web-based application for Restaurants. We have the best techniques, benefits, and features that bring your restaurant to the leading edge of modern restaurant business to get huge profit. So why to waste time, get MenuAdda now.

Table Management:

Create your restaurant’s table layout and have it and reflect on the mobile screen. Easily track every table with table timer. MenuAdda timer shows you how much time your customer has to wait for the food what they have ordered. It shows while ordering food.

Loyalty Program:

Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and encourages customers to come back for more. Customer loyalty has been important to restaurants of all types since the concept of a “restaurant” was created. Loyal customers are the ones who will come back often and spend frequently, which helps restaurants of all sizes meet their bottom lines.

Expense Management:

Track expenses down to the ingredient level. Save time, cost and energy to knowing the when to record the right level at the right time.Despite its importance, we find many restaurant managers do not calculate food cost correctly, or if they do, they do not fully understand the process. To be useful, food cost percentages must be determined accurately. Then the ratio can be compared to industry averages and previous performance. With MenuAdda vendor can access all expenses of your restaurant.

Real-Time Sales Reporting:

Save time with reports that explain your business process and projection to you. Access valuable data in real time to make an informed decision about your business. MenuAdda gives you real-time sales report on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Custom menu Building:

Design, create and display your own custom menu.  The vendor can give the description, ingredients list what they have added to prepare the food items.

Estimated Wait Time:

The Estimated Wait Time feature calculates real-time information from all of the tables in the restaurant, enabling hosts to provide their customers with more accurate wait time estimates.

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