How menuadda Helps Restaurants?

When people visit any restaurant all they want is luscious food, quick service, and quality time to refresh their mood with their friends and relatives. An integral part of any restaurant is its customer service. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your restaurant decor is or how delicious your food is, if the service doesn’t meet or exceed customer’s expectations, there is a good chance they won’t come back. However, problems such as shortage of staff or menus, rush hours and lack of knowledge on the items offered often blocks the way to quality offerings barring a restaurant’s image.

To overcome from these type of problem the founder of Menuadda – Satyabrat Rauto came with a new concept that will help not only customers as well as the vendor also.

What is MenuAdda?

Menuadda is a web-based application, for a restaurant like yours. It provides multiple payments options.

How MenuAdda helps restaurants?

  • Sales report
  • Digital menu
  • Customer management system
  • Kitchen management system
  • Order management system
  • Feedback management
  • High tables turn around
  • Customization of food
  • No installation required

Sales report-

Menuadda gives you a daily sales report with graphical representation and with the details of the individual sale. Menuadda customizes your sales reports easily and allows you to track how your restaurant is performing.

Digital menu-

Menuadda replaces paper menu and provides the digital menu. Menuadda provides restaurant operator for incorporating the full motion image of the menu display instantly. The vendor can update prices for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world.

Customer management system –

Menuadda manages all the records of customer’s order, information, payment details. Menuadda also manages the feedback of customer’s and what should be improved.

Kitchen management system-

With Menuadda we can check all the kitchen stuff like how many orders came from which table, what ingredients have to be added to that particular menu ordered by the customers. Menuadda also manages multiple orders at a time so that the time and energy of the restaurant will be saved.

Order management system-

Menuadda manages all the records from customers and it manages the time taken to prepare the order. Menuadda provides the facility to confirm or cancel the order and that will be directly notified to the customer. Accept orders and choose accurate pickup and delivery time through the Menuadda. Customize your menu and settings from the Menuadda dashboard.

Feedback management-

Menuadda provides the feedback system for customers and what should be improved. With Menuadda, after conducting restaurant guest satisfaction survey, get SMS alert. Analyze restaurant customer feedback like never before. Engage your customer with compelling digital experience.

High table turn around-

Menuadda saves the time of the customers and helps them to place their order quickly.

Customization of food-

Menuadda provides you the customization of food. The customer can customize food according to their choice. The customer can see what ingredient is added in that particular item.


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