How MenuAdda Helps To Increase Your Restaurant Sales.

Restaurant sales are rarely constant.Seasonality, competition, the economy, and countless other factors can play a role in how many, people come into your restaurant. But one thing is constant for restaurateurs: no matter how much you sell, you always feel like could be doing more to increase restaurant sales.Even the most successful restaurant business has potential to increase sales. In the past, the restaurant owner has believed that paying for advertisements was the best route to increasing restaurant sales. While this still has the potential to expose your brand to the public, it is also a costly venture that is not guaranteed to work.

To overcome from these type of problem the founder of MenuAdda – Satyabrat Rauto came with a new concept that will help to increase your restaurant sales.


1. Feedback Management System:

We believe in making feedbacks reach you in real time because even a few hours is too late for guest feedback to reach you. Get your restaurant feedback with MenuAdda. The customer can give their real feedback about food, service after payment of food they ordered.


2. Digital Menu:

Guest satisfaction is the crucial factor in the success of every restaurant. With MenuAdda restaurant can display the whole menu with the help of attractive photos and food descriptions with the price. MenuAdda helps accelerate the process of ordering. Guest are served more quickly, more satisfied and more importantly. No more awkward hand waving, the waiter can serve more tables at once and pay more attention to guests.


3. Sales Report:

With MenuAdda, restaurant can get instant updates of each sales report. Vendor/restaurant owner can easily track a day’s order result easily with the MenuAdda dashboard.


4. Analytics:

MenuAdda analytics gives you details insight of surveys from a different perspective. Get real-time updates of customers surveys making sure you don’t want to miss this important stuff.


5. Track All Orders:

With MenuAdda restaurant owner can track all the orders, menus, staff, customers feedback and details of the customers. MenuAdda provides a graphical representation of orders. The restaurant owner, as well as customer, can see the process of order from the time the customer placed orders till the payment.


6. Offer Management System:

With MenuAdda restaurant can provide an offer to their customer by sending SMS or email. By using MenuAdda restaurant can advertise their sales regarding any existing offers and upcoming offers.



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