How MenuAdda Helps To The Customer?

In the edifice business, repeat customers area unit over flattering; they’re the lifeblood of a company’s success. In fact, some guests area unit accountable for over half a restaurant’s sales. MenuAdda can assist you to grow your business evidently.

We know you’re very little curious to grasp however MenuAdda works and the way it brings straightforward dine-out for its customers. Let’s learn step by step a way to use MenuAdda in our partnered shops. MenuAdda main purpose is to let a client fancy the eating method while not anticipating the waiter or the manager to position his order.

How MenuAdda Helps To The Customer?

Follow these straightforward steps to use MenuAdda :

  • Scan QR code
  • Select table
  • customize your order
  • Place your order
  • Tap a most well-liked payment mode
  • feedback

    Scan QR code-

    Restaurant individuals can offer you QR code. Scan the QR code from any smartphone you’ll get all info of food menus, table range wherever to take a seat and order. The client can get all notification as per the order ensure, paying the bill etc.

    Select table-

    Select your table range and the way several chairs you would like.

    Customize your order-

    Select the dishes you would like to own and you’ll conjointly customize your dishes in line with your selection like less salt, more spicy, additional cheese and then on.

    Place your order- 

    Once you’ve got designated the dishes you’ll place your order for that you simply have to be compelled to enter your mane and make contact with range. you’ll add additional menu by coming into your mobile range and may cancel your order, however, ensure that your order failed to place.

    Tap a most well-liked payment mode-

    You can procure your order by money or by card. For money payment, the manager can receive a notification and waiter can come back to receive the payment from you.


    You can offer your real feedback regarding the dish you had and services conjointly. so users receive real feedback on the offerings of the edifice you dined at. MenuAdda helps you to capture the client feedback.

    The entire method is easy, fast and straightforward. Restaurants will concentrate on providing higher food and quality services. the workforce is effectively handled. The table turnaround is augmented resulting in additional profits. MenuAdda ensures that you simply relax and luxuriate in your food rather than trying into the effortful method of the line of work for a waiter, inserting the order and anticipating the bill. discover the edifice once you drop by and let MenuAdda be your waiter.

    MenuAdda facts:

  • India’s initial web-based app for the edifice business.
  • The application for fulfillment, from one store to 100+
  • Launching across India, France, Vietnam.

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