How To Track Your Restaurant profit With MenuAdda

Many people open a restaurant thinking if they have the most delicious food in town, people will flock to their doors. Yet, they ignore the basic principles of the restaurant business and undoubtedly join the 80% of restaurant that fails in the first five years. Restaurant sales are rarely constant. Seasonality, competition, the economy, and countless other factors can play a role in how many, people come into your restaurant.

This blog will show how MenuAdda tracks your restaurant profit.


Many operators believe what they spend on food and beverage purchases is their cost of sales. MenuAdda provides you to track all your restaurant reports. With MenuAdda, restaurant can get instant updates on each sales report. Vendor/restaurant owner can easily track a day’s order result easily with the MenuAdda dashboard. MenuAdda shows you all sales report by daily, weekly as well as monthly basis. Report tracks all like revenue, Orders, customers, profits.


Monthly profit and loss reports are important for overall financial planning and to compare with previous month and year results. Weekly reports focus on current results so management can review the previous week’s performance. Irregularities can then be addressed immediately, rather than waiting a month to find out you had higher-than-desired food costs.MenuAdda calculates the cost of sales weekly, operators can quickly identify problems. That gives them the opportunity to react immediately rather than wait a month and lose even more profit.With MenuAdda restaurant can track all expenses like food cost, grocery, electricity bill.


Customer tracking leads to better sales, smarter product decisions, and a keener understanding of your local market and how your promotions perform. If your current POS system does not track key points of customer data, you are losing valuable decision-making tools. Menuadda manages all the records of customer’s order, information, payment details. Menuadda also manages the feedback of customer’s and what can be improved.

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