MenuAdda – Digital Menu And Ordering System On Guests Smartphones

MenuAdda is a web-based Digital Menu and Mobile Ordering System that helps you to create food and drinks digital menu.

Use MenuAdda system to create a digital menu, which guests access directly on their smartphones or tablets, without installation on their devices just by scanning a QR code. As a restaurant owner, you can use MenuAdda Digital menu as a stand-alone system but you can add it to your website or any other social network- Facebook, Tripadvisor, Twitter etc. Guests will learn more about your standard or daily offer even before they come to the restaurant.

Today more than 90% of guests regularly use their smartphones and restaurant’s WiFi while dining. This common behavior can be used to present menus directly to dinners. For example, guests can access your digital menu, today’s specials, popular dishes, and offers, as soon as they enter into a local restaurant. Further, they can even place an order directly from their smartphones without waiting for waiters to come and take an order. QSR’s can use Menuadda to receive more orders from the table.

MenuAdda is built on self-edit technology that allows a restaurant manager to update and change daily offer directly on a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Allows to add food or drinks items anytime, add images, description, options and even videos if required. Unlike other menu applications, with MenuAdda you create your digital menu directly on smartphones without a need to use desktop computers. Additionally, MenuAdda allows you create or edit items directly on smartphones.

Among many features, you can enable restaurant mobile ordering and start accepting orders directly on your system – no additional hardware or software needed. Just activate MenuAdda mobile ordering and start accepting orders today. With MenuAdda system you can track your orders in real-time on your mobile phone.

MenuAdda support any smartphone or tablet – iOS or Android. To begin using MenuAdda – Digital Menu and Mobile Ordering System, you only need to Sign in for a subscription plan and within no time you can start using MenuAdda – Digital Menu and Mobile Ordering System.

Find out more about the MenuAdda here, and let us know what you think about it ?

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