Tips To Boost Your Restaurant Sales.

When a restaurant needs to increase revenue, many owners look to quick, surface solutions like charging more money or extending business hours. By overlooking the reasons why a restaurant isn’t making the profits it should, it only digs them into a deeper hole. Restaurants are always looking for ways to boost sales.Raising prices isn’t the only way for a restaurant to increase sales. There are plenty of strategies you can take to reduce costs and attract more customers.  Restaurant technology is fast evolving, which offers numerous growth opportunities for food chains. But it also poses a challenge to restaurants to keep track of the technological upgrades and watch closely changing consumer tastes and behaviors.How is possible for restaurateurs to increase their sales, in this digital age? Below, we have offered some essential tips for those looking to boost sales in restaurants.

1. Put digital menus indoors and outdoors:

You must be wondering where to place your digital menus? Well, it’s a lucrative idea to place the digital menu inside the restaurant and in the drive-thru to attract the eyeballs of a maximum number of consumers, boost operational efficiency, and improve sales. The advanced restaurant technology ensures that you can easily change your menu in your multiple stores sitting in one location, without having to replace hundreds of static menu boards. Placing one in the drive-thru is a great way to boost sales. You will quickly start experiencing higher sales and increased order accuracy, which will speed up your service and attract last-minute purchases.

2. Ask for Facebook check-ins:

Facebook check-ins are not frivolous; they are what fuel restaurant listings to success in Facebook Graph Search. If somebody uses Facebook to seek out a local restaurant, and your restaurant has a lot of check-ins from local clients, it is sure to emerge as one of the top contenders. Ask for check-ins, then; some restaurants even offer free appetizers or small discounts for the first check-ins of the day.

3. Schedule Regular Staff Meeting:

Either you or your manager should be holding a daily meeting with your staff. It doesn’t have to be a dragged out discussion, just a quick pow wow where your team has the opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns and also receive the low down on the shift ahead. Make your staff aware of the number of reservations and any large parties that are coming in. Brief them on specials and menu items that you like highlighted. Let them know the sales goals and if they are being met. Educating your staff prepares them and allows them to better serve your customers. Good dining experiences result in return customers and increased sales.

4. Make your restaurant more unique:

The best way to stand out from the competition is to showcase what you have that others don’t. Find ways to let your customer know how you uniquely meet their needs. For example, does your customer prefer healthier food options? Create “light” versions of your top five menu items so that your customer can still eat the food they love without the guilt. There are tons of different ways you can respond to the needs of your customers, and by fulfilling a demand you’ll see an increase in sales in return.


5. Create a strategic sales plan:

Going forward with a change here or there without having a fully thought out plan can negatively impact your business. It’s more beneficial to take an honest evaluation of where your business stands and then create a plan with developed sales strategies. Changing up your menu, implementing new marketing efforts, adding a calendar of events to pick up business on off nights hone in on a few ideas that could potentially boost sales and work out all the kinks before you move forward.


6. Expand menu offerings:

Customers are more interested in trying new cuisines from across the world. So one way you could tempt their taste buds is by offering a diverse menu, with new international cuisines, fusion meals, and ethnic gourmet items that competitors do not offer. By expanding your menu offerings, you set yourself apart from the competition and attract a new audience.

 7. Offer Daily Food Specials:

Designate different nights during the week with different specials. Monday night could be half-off burgers and a beer, Tuesdays might offer two tacos for the price of one, and Wednesday might see discounted entrée items.

The daily food special need not be a discount. It could be a special menu offering only available on one day or night of the week. This will entice customers in earlier to get a taste of the special, and create an exclusive vibe which is more than enticing to dining customers.

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