What Features Do The Best POS Systems For Restaurants Include?

All the best restaurant POS systems include the following features:

Till Management

  • Cash manager
  • Tip tracking and prompts with suggested tip calculators for customers
  • Tracking for payouts and voided transactions
  • Multiple ticket-splitting options

Menu & Order Management

  • Support for menu item descriptions
  • Order modifiers
  • Kitchen printer support
  • Printing for pickup and delivery tickets

Reporting Tools

  • Remote access to management tools and analytics
  • Variety of reports, including profit and loss reports
  • Integration with or data export to accounting programs

Basic Employee Management

  • Configuration for user profiles and permissions

Basic Customer Management

  • Customer database

Once you’ve narrowed down which restaurant POS systems you want to learn more about, you can call the companies for pricing quotes specific to your restaurant. At this time, you can also download trial or demo versions of the software so you can try them out firsthand and determine whether the systems are easy to navigate and have the functions you need. You can also evaluate whether you need to add modules or third-party integrations to the systems. Other features you may wish to look for as built-in features, add-ons or third-party integrations include the following:

Advanced Till & Order Management

  • Tab management
  • Discount tracking
  • Support for gift cards and coupons
  • Support for online menus

Advanced Inventory Tools

  • Food inventory management
  • Accounting for inventory waste
  • Support for liquor control devices

Advanced Employee Management

  • Employee schedule management
  • Staff messaging

Advanced Customer Management

  • Customer order history tracking
  • Customer loyalty program management
  • Automated marketing tools
  • Social media integration

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