Who Uses MenuAdda

Fine Dine:

Benefit from MenuAdda stress-free inventory that makes managing easier than you’d expect as well as makes your dine-in easy. With their detailed analytics, you can easily know your top-selling items or which departments to expand.

Restaurants & bars use MenuAdda because of the customizable and intuitive mobile POS solution that allows you to move through transactions as quickly as possible, helping you serve more customers every day.

Quick Serve establishments use MenuAdda to help customers get in and get out faster than ever before. And you can also build relationships with customers by using customer tracking software as well as detailed reporting.

Ease of Use

With the mobile functionality, everything takes place with screen taps. That means seamless shift changeover and open and closing shifts with just a few screen taps. Orders can also be handled easily with sales completed with just a few taps. There’s even note input for clarification on any order or sale.

MenuAdda gives you all the classic functionality you need in a POS system complete with wireless integration (Send orders to another printer, like in the kitchen) to make the entire process simpler and more efficient.

MenUAdda offers stellar reporting that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing managers a more delicate work/life balance. Because of the extended functionality, you can access real-time reporting on inventory and cost of goods, operations, and sales, labor hours, tax reports and more. You can stay on top of cash flow and print out shift reports straight from any register, including X and Z reports for quick shift summaries and recaps.

The application process is simple and should start a free trial account. MenuAdda gives you a simple form to set up and generate a basic store with no contract, no credit card, free to use for 30 days to demo the software.

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